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Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas


All our artisan pizzas are made by hand in the centuries-old Neapolitan tradition — with a thin base, crispy crust, and fresh, flavoursome ingredients.

People who usually find pizzas too heavy or greasy are often pleasantly surprised by how light our wood fired pizzas are, and if you have never had the pleasure of enjoying a brick oven pizza before, it’s likely to be the best you’ve ever eaten.

Baked at 400-degree heat in an Italian brick oven, wood-fired pizza has a unique, authentic flavour that simply cannot be replicated in a standard oven. The high heat means that each wood fire pizza is cooked to perfection in only 90 seconds.


Custom Toppings and Proper Pizza Menus


We can tailor pizza toppings to suit you and your guests’ personal tastes, and are happy to provide gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian pizzas upon request.

If you would like a menu designed for your wedding reception, birthday party or other special event, just ask!

Sample Menu


GARLIC – Garlic, herb and mozzarella pizza bread

PROPER MARGHERITA – Sun-blushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

NORFOLK PEPPERONI – Our own recipe made especially for us using free-range pork

CHESTNUT MUSHROOM – black garlic and thyme

COTTO – Prosciutto ham, red onion, and mushroom

HELL FIRE – Chorizo, roasted peppers, and homemade chilli oil


Also available on request:


Roast butternut squash, red onion and Feta cheese

Crayfish tails, sun blushed tomato and rocket

Smoked Mackerel, egg , rocket and horseradish (no tomato sauce)

Slow Roast garlic, spinach, local ricotta

Slow cooked pulled pork, apple and Fontina

Napoli – Garlic, anchovies, capers and oregano

Smoked chicken, sun blushed tomato, pesto


Create Your Own Pizza


If you’d like a more hands-on experience, we also cater for make-your-own pizza parties. Individually or as a group, you and your guests can top your own pizzas using our delicious, locally sourced ingredients.

Ready to talk pizza? Call us on 07901 536709 for a chat about your tastes and event requirements.

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